The 10 Most Unforgettable Super Bowl Moments

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of sportsmanship, drama, excitement, and unforgettable experiences that have won a place in our hearts and will always be loved. The past fifty years have given us many unforgettable Super Bowl moments, from last-second scores to spectacular comebacks.

The most memorable Super Bowl moments are summarized below in our list of the top 10, which is in no particular order of importance.

Gatorade Bath (1987)

Even though Gatorade showers eventually turned into a ritual, in 1987 when Gatorade's sticky bombardment hit someone in the head for the first time, everyone went bonkers.

Coach Bill Parcells had the opportunity to personally experience what it feels like to be, well, showered in sugary deliciousness that day, following the 39:20 victory over the Broncos.

The Headphone Jack (2008)

Without the assistance of his helmet, David Tyree would not have been able to soar into the air to catch a ball thrown by Eli Manning in what is widely regarded as one of the greatest games of all time.

The outcome? The Giants defeated the Patriots 17-14 thanks to a crucial touchdown.

Lady Gaga's Rooftop Performance (2017)

In 2017, Lady Gaga performed on the roof of NRG Stadium, one of the all-time best NFL stadiums, in an event that many would argue was more thrilling than the actual game.

She was promoting songs from her most recent album at the time during the show. Her nifty little stunt was a success, and as a result, her album sales soared.

Fred Williamson Took a Knee to the Head (1967)

One of the most memorable old-school Super Bowl incidents (and injuries) involved Fred "The Hammer" Williamson, who was hauled off the field after taking a knee to the head. For the Kansas City Chiefs, it's one less player!

Darkness Falls on the Stadium (2013)

In 2013, a partial power failure caused the Superdome to go completely dark. As a result, there was a 34-minute delay during that particular Super Bowl, earning it the moniker "Blackout Bowl."

Even more amusing is the fact that Beyonce was performing at intermission, which prompted numerous comments mocking the notion that her performance was the reason for the interruption.

In the name of solidarity (1981)

A yellow ribbon was draped outside the New Orleans stadium before the 1981 Super Bowl XV matchup between the Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles. To show solidarity with the Iranian hostage crisis, the gesture was made.

William Perry's Landing (1985)

For lineman to score a touchdown is extremely uncommon, yet William "The Refrigerator" Perry did so in 1985. Keep in mind that at the time, he was a rookie.

Whitney Houston sang the national anthem (1991)

One of the most famous performances ever was Whitney Houston's epic gospel rendition of the national anthem "Star-Spangled Banner." The families of the servicemen from the Gulf War received the revenues from the single's sale.

Homage to U2 September 11 (2001)

At what is now regarded as one of the best interval performances of all time, U2 paid respect to this tragic turn of events following the devastating September 11, 2001 attacks. The victims' names were displayed on stage throughout the performance.

Mark Roberts's first-half series

Mark Roberts crossed the pitch at the 2005 Super Bowl moments after the halftime entertainment. It comes out that the advertiser whose logo was placed on his shirt paid him $1 million to do it.

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