The Dallas Cowboys' Best Moments

Although Team USA has experienced many wonderful moments throughout its history, some of those events have been deemed to be crucial to the team's success. We'll now look at a few of these instances.

The First "Ave Maria"

On that particular day, the Minnesota Vikings appeared to be winning the playoff game with around 32 seconds remaining in the contest. Roger Staubach, the winner, merely kicked the ball into the air in a last-ditch effort.

Drew Pearson, a teammate, grabbed him and sped for the goal, giving the Cowboys the victory. Roger originally said a Hail Mary before throwing the ball, it was later revealed. This was where the name first appeared.

The Cowboys Defense That Overwhelmed Denver

Team USA's fierce and commanding defense practically chewed on their opponent in the 1978 Super Bowl. The Cowboys "allowed" the Denver Broncos to complete only eight passes while recovering the ball eight times in total.

This outstanding defense was made possible by Harvey Martin and Randy White, who were eventually named MVPs.

Cowboys Deceived the Vikings

Things didn't go well for the Cowboys in the 1989 season; after a disastrous start, they opted to trade a Herschel Walker player to the Vikings.

They received a group of eighteen talented players in return for Walker. Emmitt Smith, a key player in their subsequent Super Bowl triumphs, joined the squad in this manner.

The Cowboys Opened "Jerry World"

The stadium is not just beautiful but also much above what is expected nowadays. Even better than any of the NFL-owned stadiums is this new one.

The NFL might decide to hold one of its Super Bowls at this iconic stadium in the future.

Tony Romo's Retirement

Tony Romo played quarterback for the Cowboys for a number of seasons before breaking a bone in one of the games, being replaced by Dak Prescott. The club found Prescott to be a much greater asset, and under his leadership, they won eleven games.

As the squad developed, Tony made the decision to leave the team so that fresh faces like Prescott and Ezekiel could lead the team into a tremendous period of championship success.

Goodbye Bum Bright, Welcome Jerry Jones!

Bright owned the Dallas Cowboys until 1989, when a debt situation forced him to sell the team to Jerry.

As soon as Jerry took over ownership of the squad, he began shifting and changing fixtures, which helped the team reach its current level of success. Manager Tom Landry was fired and management was overhauled.

Jerry Jones' zeal for the club's success has allowed him to pull off all the "clandestine miracles" that helped the team rise.

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